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We are a house of experienced Danish and international market researchers and analysts.

DMA is now a part of Norstat Group

We offer consumer research, social surveys and business-to-business research.

We conduct data collection, we analyze data and we do reporting.

Passionate about truths, we challenge methods used to find them in order to craft solutions that perfectly fit your needs.

Our vision

Let´s pay attention

We believe the simple act of paying attention to people can change everything.

It is easy to get lost and let habitual ways of thinking take you down the same old beaten track. If you lift your head and listen to the world around you, fresh and rewarding paths will be revealed.

For nearly 40 years, we have guided our clients through the wealth of information and views, options and opportunities. We have opened their eyes and stretched their knowledge empowering them to take informed decisions and discover new paths.

You can expect us to be personally involved, straight-talking and fiercely honest – from problem to solution, from thought to action, from data collection to final reporting.

Let’s pay attention to your world.

What you can expect?

Close dialogue with curious, passionate and creative people

Dedicated to empower you to make the right decision and choose the right path.

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