Our methods

Our methods

Data collection is all about people. That is why our methodology is based on personal involvement from interviewers, project managers and consultants, being able to ask the right questions at the right time and pay attention to what is said, and what is unsaid.
We are committed to defining standards and lead the development of interviewer involved data collection.

Telephone Interviews

Our experienced interviewers conduct all types of telephone surveys from our call center in Aarhus.

The strength of the telephone interview is that the interviewer can guide the respondent through the study. Unclear questions can be explained. The interviewer can also probe if the answer i somewhat lacking or ask about experiences or opinions so that responses to open-ended questions becomes more qualified.

Phone interviews are also an obvious method for reaching target groups that are not found in online panels or target groups who do not necessarily want to answer a web questionnaire. This applies to many B2B target groups, but can also be the case for customers of banks, insurance companies or members of associations or unions.

Generally, we are able to achieve a higher response rate via telephone interviews than we are vias web interview. Therefore, we also carry out projects where we combine the two methods. On those project, we will start with an email invitation to a survey. Hereafter, we will call respondents who have not responded to our e-mail.

Telephone interviews can also be used on studies, where we move away from the quantitative approach and take a slightly more qualitative focus. Here, the semi-structured interview is a good example of a method we have good experience with.

We have more than 100 skilled interviewers and more than 30 interviewing stations that can be staffed both day, evening and weekend.

Web Interviews

We offer all kinds of web interviews through online panels and customer databases

Online interviews are an easy way to conduct surveys, as the respondents can complete the questionnaire when it fits into their daily lives.

Moreover, it is often a cost-effective method because it does not require hours from our interviewers. Another important advantage of the method is that it gives us the possibility to expose the respondent to visual material.

We can conduct interviews through both online panels and customer databases. We handle the entire process from designing the questionnaire, setting up the survey, collecting the data to the final quality control and reporting. All of it, in close interaction with you.


We recruit the right respondents for your qualitative research

If you plan to complete a focus group or conduct in-depth interviews, it is important that you talk the right people.

The respondents must fit the exact criteria of your target group. Moreover, they must be open and ready to share their experiences and opinions. When we recruit respondents to focus groups, we always ensure that the participants are talkative and that they function in a group context.

We have experience in pre-recruiting respondents through both telephone, online panels and via social media. However, we always complete the final recruitment via telephone, in order to ensure that we have a relevant person and that all expectations are aligned.

You are welcome to moderate your focus groups at our facilities in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Focus Groups

We complete focus groups and in-depth interviews at our facilities in Copenhagen and Aarhus – or where you may need it.

Focus groups and in-depth interviews give time for reflection and discussion, enabling you to more detailed answers to your questions and a deeper understanding.

We have conducted qualitative research for many years and know how to develop an interview guide, when an answer needs to be elaborated and when the conversation is getting sidetracked.

We have facilities to carry out focus groups both in Aarhus and Copenhagen, but we will be happy to help you find premises in other cities.

Hall-test and Personal Interviews

Our well-trained and experienced personal interviewers conduct hall-tests and personal interviews across the country.

These methods are suitable for longer and more complex surveys, where it is an advantage that the interviewer is present at the same location as the respondent.

Hall-tests and personal interviews are suitable for testing new products. The respondents can see, feel and taste your product and give us their immediate impression.

We complete hall-tests and personal interviews at our own premises in Copenhagen and Aarhus. In addition, we offer to conduct personal interviews throughout the country at various central locations or in the home of the respondents.

Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shoppers work within general consumer categories and as well as narrow B2B segments.

Mystery Shopping is a great way to evaluate your own and your competitors’ customer service.
The method is based on actual real purchase situations or customer service situations, where the mystery shopper evaluates the experience shortly after the contact. You will get an accurate picture of the service your company provides to your customers.
We have several years of experience with mystery shopping. We can provide shoppers that match your type of client and can act as trustworthy customers.

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